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Company Mert Radiator GmbH

In 2008 the company was established as a sole proprietorship by Selami Mert, who also is the majority shareholder now.  2011, the office and stockrooms had to move to the present location in Jena North to cope with the rising demand. The sole proprietorship  was changed into the company Mert Radiator GmbH  after one year.

Mert Raidator towel chrom flat Badheizkörper elektrisch chrom Handtuchheizkörper weiss

Our products are made with the highest quality Marke . We can give five years guarantee, because of that high quality.  [warranty service] 

We’ve got broad international business relationships. Therefore we’re able to offer an extensive assortment in different kinds of material to our customers.

We deliver private users, retailers, wholesalers, associations of purchasing and projects in schools, hotels or housing cooperatives.  You can convince yourself of our high product quality and variety in our exhibition room at the company headquarter. 90 % of our offer is in our warehouse, so we can deliver a huge selection short dated.

The costumers’ wishes are motivation for us to work constantly on our products variety.

Mert Radiator GmbH Jena Germany bietet Ihnen hochvertige Badheizkörper direkt.


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